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Discovering Portugal, Family video

Discovering Portugal

From Shanghai to Lisbon. We passed the Chinese New Year of 2018 in Portugal, discovering the several wonders of Lisbon and surroundings. Not only the surroundings, also the seafood, pastry, and wine.

Hong Kong Street, People crossing

Hong Kong, 6 years Later

Six years later I came back visit Hong Kong, and everything looks almost exactly the same. The diversity of cultures it’s amazing, being a game to find where are they from. Travellers, residents, tailers asking you if you need a new formal suit, probably from India. I walk thru the labyrinthine floor of Chungking Mansions and take the lift of B Block. Next, to me a young man looks tired, it’s near six o clock and was a hard day for him, “Where are you from?”, asked him, “Portugal”, “Oh Portugal, the football it’s good”, “And you?”, “Pakistan… the football it’s not so good… hahaha”.

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