Who is Pedro Serapio?

Born in Portugal, I'm a professional graphic designer, photographer, video editor, web developer, UI / UX designer, living and working in Shanghai, China.

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Pedro Serapio AvatarPedro Serapio
Graphic Designer

I'm graphic designer turned video editor, photographer, web developer & UI/UX designer. In 2000 I concluded my graphic design studies in Portugal. Since then I was involved in different projects, students graduation projects, computer hardware assembly and workstation preparation for specific areas of content creation, like video production and 3D. Worked in Angola, controlling large scale video projection systems, also creating multimedia content.

2010 World Exhibition, I joined the official Angola Pavilion team, during 6 months captured all the events on video, prepared the content to be displayed on stage screens and designed the paper media to support the pavilion advertisement.

Since 2011 I keep involved in web development, including UI/UX design, coding, and Linux server administration. Developed my passion with video & photography, drawing and equipping a small Blackmagic video studio with  Juande Blasco. It was a great experience where a wide variety of content was captured, edited and presented online formats. I will grow my portfolio with 3D, UX, and of course video & photography content.

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