Professional graphic designer, UI / UX designer, front-end developer, photographer, and video editor, located in Shanghai, China.


I'm a graduated graphic designer since 2000, passionate by new technologies, creating the perfect symbiosis between video editing, photography, web development, and UI / UX design. Since then, I have been involved in different projects, including graduation projects for students, preparation of highly specialized workstations for audio, video, and 3D studios. Creation of multimedia content and coding.

Worked in Angola, creating multimedia content and managing large scale open-air and indoor projection systems. In 2010, I was invited to join the Angola National Pavilion creative team, during the World Expo Shanghai. During the 6 months of this event, I had under my control all the process of acquiring images of all the events related to the Angola Pavillion, including photography, video and graphic design. It was a great experience to expand my equipment and editing experiences, creating broadcast-quality video content to be presented in the Angola national television.

Since 2011 I'm doing web development, including UI / UX design, front-end coding, back-end coding, DevOps, design, video, and photography. To create high reach and interactive online content, I developed my interest by coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and server maintenance, and taking my knowledge from graphic design, present fast websites that could be accessible in any mobile or any other device. This new acquisition gave me the capacity to keep growing my interest in coding, going from static websites, content management systems, database-driven websites to the latest PWA and single-page applications.

My projects are not only related to coding or design, from concept to implementation, I also created a small video studio together with Juande Blasco, provided with Blackmagic capture equipment, editing and live broadcasting. I went to the process of direct, capture and edit all the content, not only but also create the online website to support the video.

I pretend to grow my coding skills, UI / UX as well as video and photography, being my next big step to create 3D content, entering into the world of virtual reality.

If I can serve you with any of my knowledge, let us keep in touch.

Shanghai Art Museum

UI / UX Prototype

ZX Spectrum 48K

UI / UX Prototype


UI / UX Prototype